Head Office & Factory

Zasova 817, 756 51 Zasová, Czech Republic

Furniture production

Our furniture production can be found in the company's second, newest building. We offer both custom-made and, mainly, mass production of furniture. You can find our furniture products in hotels, mountain chalets, but also in various companies. The workshop is equipped with high-end machines that can cope with a wide range of challenging projects. We also have 6 CNC machines which make production faster, more efficient and precise. Not everything can be made solely on the machines, that is why our customers appreciate our solid manual work as well. We can also offer transport and assembly for our furniture products.

In addition to the production itself, we also offer other services:

The workshop became part of HaCase mainly thanks to one of the owners, Martin Halašta, who studied this beautiful craft and founded the furniture production under his name. Until today, the production is under his baton. He oversees both quality and workshops further development. He will be happy to help you find the right solution for your furniture requirements.

Furniture you can rely on


We have been producing furniture since 2008


We make high-quality furniture for demanding customers in the service sector, various businesses and also households


Thanks to our technology, we are able to adapt to any demand


High-capacity production gives you the assurance of fast and reliable delivery

We are for you

Do you want furniture made to your exact specifications and ideas? Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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