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Zasova 817, 756 51 Zasová, Czech Republic

CNC machining

In our production process, we constantly try to use the state-of-the-art manufacturing and technology processes, so that our products are manufactured using the latest CNC technologies.

We use the latest technology:

  • Homag and Houfek
  • 6 CNC machines
  • Five- and three-axis machining centers
  • Designed for machining the shape-complex wooden, aluminium, composite and plastic parts
  • High quality and accurate machining of input materials
  • Engraving logos and pictograms

In the production we use two CNC five-axis centers (Homag Venture 316L, Houfek Fenix) equipped with a two-axis head. These machines are designed for the production of complex wooden, composite parts and molds. We also use two CNC three-axis centers (Weeke, Sahos), a CNC formatting center (Homag HPP 300), a CNC lathe (Sahos Galaxy). Moreover, single-purpose machines for cutting, milling, grinding or brushing wood and semi-automatic machines for processing aluminum profiles are used as well. The use of these modern technologies guarantees the processing of input material with high quality and accuracy.

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