Head Office & Factory

Zasova 817, 756 51 Zasová, Czech Republic

About Us

The history of HaCase goes back to 1993 when Milan Halašta, together with his brother, founded the packaging company H-Tipol Halašta. The combination of family experience with transport packaging production, wood processing and knowledge of CNC programming created in 2008 a family company HaCase, which is short for Halašta Case.

Production started initially in the garage of the family home, then the old rented hall, from which we moved to our own newly built production hall in 2012. We divided the production into a carpentry workshop and flightcase production. A while after we had moved, we invested in IPUR technology, thanks to which we are able to produce a precise polyurethane insert that helps to protect the transported product even more. Other investments have been made in the CNC technologies, which have significantly enabled us to optimise the entire serial production process. That is why, as demand grew, in 2017 we expanded our production into another new hall, where the carpenter workshop, IPUR parts production and the entire administration have been allocated.

Today you will find our sophisticated flightcases all over the world, mainly thanks to our customer Robe s.r.o., for which we have been producing the transport packaging for the protection of the lighting equipment from the very beginning. You will remember our carpentry skills once you visit the Hotel Solan in Velke Karlovice, in which we participated in a great deal in the production of wooden interior and furniture.

HACASE s.r.o

World class from the Czech Republic. In the production of flightcases, we are among the largest casemakers in Europe, but at heart we are still a family company from Wallachia, offering an individual approach to each customer.

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